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Evanston Real Estate

Evanston Real Estate

What Makes Evanston IL?

What makes Evanston Real Estate so interesting is the different types of architecture that can be found in our lovely city- from Victorian to Tudor to Chicago bungalow to Contemporary. The Historic Preservation Division of Evanston was founded to help preserve many different aspects of Evanston Real Estate from historic landmarks to historic districts Talmadge, Hunt, Hemphill are just some of the architects whose work still stands today.

Evanston Real Estate

There are four different Evanston IL Historical Districts

The Northeast Historic District – a narrow strip between Emerson and Lincoln the includes the Noyes Cultural Arts Center and several significant homes. The Ridge Historic District running along Ridge Avenue from Main to Emerson- this stretch of homes is significant because it boasts so many types of styles-from 4 square, to ranch, to Victorian- it is a history lesson in architecture of the last 100 years.

Evanston Real Estate

The Lakeshore District in Evanston IL

The Lakeshore District is comprised of large homes-many built in the 1800’s that exemplify the grand lifestyle of the era. Hugging the lakeshore these homes are magnificent.

The most recent addition to this estimable group is the Oakton Historical District-West of Ridge and South of Oakton, this area has many outstanding Chicago Bungalows which are exemplary

The homes in these Districts are under the purview of The Preservation Committee so that any exterior change must be approved by that body of government. Whether one lives in an Historical District or not, Evanston Real Estate is fascinating.

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Evanston Real Estate

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